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Altiris agent is a set of asset management tools created and published by symantec. View and download symantec altiris software portal 7. Inventory reportsa portal and many predefined reports let you easily view and analyze. Established in 1998, altiris is headquartered in lindon, utah, united states. See setting up the software portal with your user profile on page 20.

Call the vsu servicedesk at 8045245210 monday friday from 7. Doubleclick the symantec software portal shortcut on your desktop on the start menu, click programs symantec symantec software portal. This session covers the newly updated symantec software portal providing an app store like user experience for requesting and installing. Your user profile contains the information that identifies you in the software portal. End users located outside the united states may not access, acquire, use, or disclose protected health information through the portal. How to configure altiris deployment job to upload a windows 7. May 02, 2011 determine where you want the installation path to be. Altiris has over 20,000 customers managing more than 3 million servers and 60 million. Ok so we do pretty much everything via the altiris client agent. They will open a request and the software will be remotely installed on your computer. Altiris also transfers data, applications and personal settings across the organization using its deployment console. Altiris remote control alternative remote support software. Bruce fitzgerald approverx systems manager asembia linkedin. The software portal is redesigned on both the server side and the client side to increase its flexibility and ease of use.

The altiris symantec management platform and client management suite 7. Altiris remote control alternative secure, private remote access with simplehelp if you are upgrading to a new version of altiris endpoint management you are likely be looking for a replacement remote control option that allows you to access personal or corporate systems remotely. Currently handling management of approverx insurance listings and forms to provide accurate prior authorization data to our clients. While connected to the okcps network, take one of the following actions to open the software portal. Also when i want to open softwareportal by clicking right mousebutton on symantec management agent and open software portal. This page lets you create software requests, check the status of your requests, add comments to your requests, and cancel requests. Altiris war ein amerikanisches softwarehaus mit sitz in lindon, utah. Altiris in french pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more.

Required the username or password you entered is incorrect. Altiris deployment solution 8 offers enhanced workstation and server deployment capability that dramatically reduces the time and cost of deploying and managing your servers. Altiris provides lifecycle management of your desktops which means it is capable of managing the entire cycle of a computer, from purchase asset management, deployment imaging, software i. The suite automates timeconsuming and redundant tasks to minimize efforts and costs associated with deploying, patching, supporting client systems and software. How to silence the uac prompt for permachine msi packages. Manually installing the symantec management agent frank. Aug 27, 2008 symantecs altiris workflow solution is a series of products that were acquired from logicbase called tlogic. After installation of the following roles i can see the software catalog website application catalog web service point application catalog web site point now, i deploy a software as available for all.

Altiris symantec management platform and client management. Integrated troubleshooting tools such as remote control and outofband management. If you are a manager, you also specify the users whose software requests you can process. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored. Altiris client management suite integrates with altiris asset management suite from symantec to provide a single view into both existing assets and contracts. Since windows 7 is just beginning to be deployed, and there are some differences in uploading an image with this program, i put together some directions on this as a reminder. Symantec it management suite features a revamped software portal providing an app store like user experience for requesting and installing.

Jun 30, 2009 symantec altiris asset management solution v 6. Symantec connect user turl posted a forum question asking how to add a computer to an active directory group in a workflow project, because in the active directory component library, theres no boxed component to do this. The solution offers os deployment, configuration, pc personality. Using the okcps webbased software portal the okcps web. Setting up and using the new software portal in symantec. Will all vsu software be located in the software portal. Altiris software portal faq virginia state university. A safer method for leveraging the msi always install elevated policy is to implement it along with tight restrictions on what msi files can be executed in your environment. Jun 12, 2015 exploring the symantec workflow platform. Implementing rapid deployment pack and pxe in an enterprise. Creating a distributable software resource or software. It is flexible and configurable, it connects to other data sources well.

Product overview altiris inventory solution software reduces the cost of. Endpoint management overview accurately and predictably managing and supporting your client infrastructure isnt an easy task. Implementing rapid deployment pack pxe in an enterprise network environment the third scenario is an enterprise environment where the dhcp and pxe boot services are provided on a different subnet than the pxe clients. Page 8 contents options for installing the software portal agent 45 installing the software portal agent.

Altiris deployment solution cloning, imaging and deploying. Configure your profile to enter your user information and preferences. On the start menu, click all programs symantec symantec software portal rightclick the symantec management agent icon in the notification area and then click software portal. Product overview symantec deployment solution helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, laptops, and desktops. This can be accomplished through either software restriction policies available since xp or windows 7 applocker available only in the enterprise edition. I know the software portal will work for me, however in cms 6 there was a limitation. Today i released a public version of my approval manager, which i mentioned a few weeks ago in my post about managing approval request in configmgr 2012.

What you can do with the software portal the actions that you can perform in the software portal are as follows. The solution offers os deployment, configuration, pc personality migration, and software. Every day it administrators are asked to deploy or migrate systems, rollout new software or patches, troubleshoot. Comprehensive software management simplifies ongoing software maintenance. Symantecs fileconnect and mysymantec software download portals have been decommissioned. You can also specify your default preferences for the receipt of email messages about requests. Altiris software portal website symantec management platform. Altiris server management suite from symantec heterogeneous server management. For more information and for guidance on how to use the broadcom support portal, see symantec to broadcom support systems transition guide and quick reference sheet. Relying primarily on symantec workflow, we can deliver comprehensive it and business process automation with increased support for business systems, advanced reporting, increased performance, and an expanded enduser portal. Altiris service startup order solutions experts exchange. The biggest difference, and maybe even a contradiction with what i mentioned in that post, is that i did not use the powershell cmdlets for configmgr 2012 in this release. Symantec deployment solution helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, laptops, and desktops.

Altiris client management suite inventory, software. Rightclick the symantec management agent icon in the notification area and then click software portal. From basic scripts created by an admin to vastly large software solutions such as microsofts sccm or dells kace, the options are seemingly endless. In the realm of computer management software there is no shortage of solutions to help make the life of a system administrator easier, or in some cases more complicated. To open the software portal, do one of the following. Tackle software compliance with sidebyside details of software installations against license entitlements. Altiris is a company that was purchased by symantec.

Softwareportal link does not work symantec management platform. The software portal might not be available from all these places on your computer. They also provide software for web services, security, and systems management products. Surescripts does not store or maintain information of portal transactions for, or on behalf of, any end user.

You can use it to monitor, deploy and manage many types of computers and mobile devices on various platforms. Zerotouch migration to automate new system rollouts. End users must retain a copy of each transaction for their record keeping purposes. Used together, they can help you automate virtually any it process or workflow and. Altiris client management suite 8 from symantec manages, secures and troubleshoots systems with greater efficiency on more platforms, including windows, mac, linux and virtual desktop environments. Once you access the website you may be prompted to input youre your email address and full name as these are required fields. If we do not schedule out we check off the user must run option in the policy. What if i dont have the software portal icon on my desktop. I am looking at to assigning the software portal url to a dns a record. Hi does anyone know of any alternative software for basic inventory and auditing.

Setting up and using the symantec software portal youtube. Symantec endpoint management solutions provide visibility and secure management across devices, platforms, and applications. Product overview altiris client management suite 8 from symantec manages, secures and troubleshoots systems with greater efficiency on more platforms, including windows, mac, linux and virtual desktop environments. Symantec management platform, formerly altiris management platform. The new running and recently completed tasks portal lets you check the status of. May 17, 2011 hy folks ive got a little problem or i hope its not a big one ive just installed sccm 2012. Find answers to altiris service startup order from the expert community at experts exchange. Doubleclick the symantec software portal shortcut on your desktop. If this is going to be a package server, make sure that the location is somewhere youll have plenty of disk space for packages.

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