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Request pdf sampling, surveillance and forecasting of insect population for integrated pest management in sericulture pest monitoring through field surveys and surveillance helps in. The techniques described here can be adopted to other types of field research to improve data acquisition. Fruit sampling guidelines for areawide fruit fly programmes. Protocol for mosquito sampling for mosquito best management practices on state of californiamanaged wildlife areas july 2005 developed for the integrated pest management committee of the mosquito and vector control association of california, sacramento, ca by. Sunups tracy mcmurphy gets a lesson in insect sampling techniques from osu extension entomologist tom royer. Abstract the ultimate success of any strategy for pest control is dependent upon the effectiveness of the methods used for monitoring the presence of pests. Field sampling methods for mosquitoes, sandflies, biting. Place a crumpled piece of tissue paper in the jar, to give insects a place to hide so they dont beat themselves up trying to escape. Insect surveys insectpest management and control the. Simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified sampling fall into the category of simple sampling techniques. Population estimation methods of insects total counts of insect populations are in most cases labour intensive and time consuming. Chapter 11 the role of surveillance methods and technologies in plant biosecurity tom kalaris center for plant health science and technology, tom. Five sampling methods were used to monitor insect populations in three regions of each bin. Insect sampling is also sometimes referred to as scouting or monitoring.

Sampling and monitoring for pests and their natural enemies. Sampling a monitoring strategy sampling collecting repeated systematic data of an organism in its environment over a specified time sampling unit area within the sampling universe from which measurements are taken, eg. Ipm sampling 429 two practical sampling concepts repeatedly encountered by entomologists are a randomization and b choice of sample unit and how it should be examined. Killing jars, made from peanut butter jars with nail polish remover or alcohol on an absorbent material such as cotton balls or newspaper. Pinniger maff central science laboratory london road, slough, sl3 7hj, uk. Surveillance systematic ongoing collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of highly structured information for action.

Trapping is one of the most important sampling techniques. A protocol for monitoring insect pollinators and detecting declines at such geographic scales using bowl traps has been proposed 46,47 and the merits of this proposed program debated 48,49. Insect attractants and traps university of florida. Sampling methods that count more insects per unit of sampling effort are considered better. Insect collecting methods, by joe macgown mississippi. Depending on the target species, a range of sampling methods is available. Expedition field techniques insects macro photography. Pest monitoring and sampling uf entomology and nematology. Mississippi state university extension services shows propper sweep net and dropcloth techniques to find stink bugs and sugarcane aphids. Dry and wet techniques are used to sample the insects flotation. Sampling techniques for the estimation of insect population and damage 3. Woodcock 4 sampling methods for forest understory vegetation, 58 claire m. Sampling insect populations for pest management pacific. Trapping is one of the most important sampling techniques used for monitoring insect density and distribution.

Sampling techniques in this lecture, our focus only on sampling to really understand and mastery various techniques of sampling impossible to be achieved in just a lecture or in one semester course it is through a lifetime practice as a scientist but it is possible if just only one sampling technique. The variation in insect numbers between bins, locations within a bin, farms and years differed with insect species and sampling method. A more classical method consists of taking a random sampling of cones during the spring development period to measure. Common sampling techniques for quantifying pest populations and damage caused by them are. Sampling insect populations for the purpose of ipm decision making. Univoltine species a species that has only one generation per year.

Many of these procedures were first developed for use in agricultural crops, but several have resulted from investigations on landscape ornamental pests. As density responses varied considerably among groups, and variation could be explained by a certain trait, we conclude that a general theory of insect responses to habitat heterogeneity should be based on shared traits, rather than a general prediction for all species. Use of bodymounted cameras to enhance data collection. Insect collecting methods, by joe macgown one of the primary goals of the mississippi entomological museum mem is the collection of arthropods, especially insects, in the southeastern united states in an effort to better understand the fauna of this region. Selection of appropriate sampling methods depends on the surveillance objectives, levels of infestation, available funding and skills of personnel. This guideline has been prepared to support decision making on the strategic planning and implementation of the fruit sampling as a component of a surveillance. Though there were many sampling techniques light trap, pitfall trap and malaise trap previously employed for the collection of insect fauna in the dnp sheikh et al. Sequential classification sampling was only just beginning to be noticed by entomolo gists, but now this method is used extensively e. Getting best value from the disposal of property hc58 session 199900. Check the appendix at the end of this article for references that provide a thorough overview of the various insect sampling techniques. This article is on representation of basis and the basis selection of techniques. Pest surveillence and monitoring satyasri slideshare. Various methods have been devised to sample, or estimate the numbers of, arthropods on trees and shrubs. Mosquito sampling reason, a map with location keys can be very helpful.

Pdf terrestrial insects are most diverse groups of animals and contribute to the biodiversity to a large extent. And surveillance for routine surveillance work, numbered or named stations are usually established with their locations marked on a map. Traps, plants, leaves pest species and density mobility and distribution cost of a sampling unit. We demonstrate how video surveillance data can be used to enhance and refine arthropod count data i. Plant pest surveillance thus plays a key role in the overall mandate of the nppo. This document is eny277 orginally published in alternatives in insect management by the office of agricultural entomology, university of illinois at. Surveillance is an obligation of a national plant protection organization nppo and underpins other obligations and phytosanitary decisionmaking. Keep fields and surrounding areas free of alternative hosts. Calculation of doses concentrations of different insecticidal formulations 5. If you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a pdf. Across all samples, 2787 tarnished plant bugs, 18637 lady beetles, 49 big eyed bugs, and various. A practical guide to sampling national audit office.

A group of sampling units from which an estimate is made. Vittum department of entomology university of massachusetts amherst, massachusetts before aturf manager can control aturf insect problem, he or she must be able to identify the insect. Vectorial capacity the rate usually daily at which a bloodsucking insect population generates new inoculations from a currently infectious case. Unfortunately, this book cant be printed from the openbook. Expedition field techniques insects and other terrestrial arthropods by george c mcgavin published by. Pest monitoring monitoring phytophagous insects and their natural enemies is a fundamental tool in ipm for taking management decision. Pest surveillance through light traps, pheromone traps and forecasting of pest incidence 4. General sampling theory has also been applied in particular instances e. Using five sampling methods to measure insect distribution. Guidance on the choice of surveillance methods for ae.

Insect management is an essential component of crop production, as insect damage can lead to significant yield loss or quality penalties. An efficient surveillance or monitoring campaign starts with the development of a wellconsidered sampling strategy. Sampling and monitoring pests and diseases springerlink. A manual for selecting sampling techniques in research. It is the method used to collect information form a single. This chapter presents some of these methods which may be used for greenhouse crops. Why is sampling for pest and beneficial insects so. Monitoring degree days determine best time to sample for or control insects mites particular insect mite growth stage predicts insect development by accumulating heat units degree days insects dont grow or grow very slowly above some upper temperature threshold insects dont grow or grow very slowly. Sampling, surveillance and forecasting of insect population for.

Gange 3 pitfall trapping in ecological studies, 37 b. Bee species comparison castes of bees bee behaviour and bee dance. Overview of monitoring and identification techniques for insect pests. Joint faoiaea programme of nuclear techniques in food and agriculture. Insect identification and monitoring techniques patricia j. Overview of monitoring and identification techniques for. Results and discussion a total of about 3000, 5000, and 575 sample units with a drop cloth, sweep net, and suction device were taken respectively. Apiary management practices bee pasturage foraging seasonal variations. Plant pest surveillance food and agriculture organization of the. It is a critical part of the national phytosanitary system. Sampling and sampling methods volume 5 issue 6 2017 ilker etikan, kabiru bala near east university faculty of medicine department of. Pest monitoring through field surveys and surveillance helps in forecasting the population build up of pest. Sampling, surveillance and forecasting of insect population for integrated pest management in sericulture save as.

Pest monitoring and sampling pma 45706228 lab 3 july 5 2016. There are many different insect sampling techniques and sampling equipment that can be used to detect insects in the air, on plants, and even on and beneath soil. Mosquito sampling reason, a map with location keys can. Seek out the latest information on insect control, spray thresholds, and insecticide resistance management strategies. The representation of this two is performed either by the method of probability random sampling or by the method of non.

Usda ars, southern insect management research unit. It reduces the load of pesticides application and forms the basis of integrated pest management in sericulture. Decisionmaking sampling or monitoring or sample count allows precise estimates. Bowl traps and vane traps are the most commonly used trapping methods in bee monitoring and surveillance, but other trap types are available as well. Sampling insect populations for the purpose of ipm.

Request pdf sampling, surveillance and forecasting of insect. Sampling methods can be categorised into two types of sampling. Raj, p4 all these four steps are interwoven and cannot be considered isolated from one another. Surveillance methods used were by using light trap and tapping board once a. Chapter 11 the role of surveillance methods and technologies in. Surveillance techniques for exotic pests bark and ambrosia beetles coleoptera. Sampling for the the nondamaging stage of an insect can give us information on the potential infestation levels. The rate usually daily at which a bloodsucking insect population. A manual for selecting sampling techniques in research 4 preface the manual for sampling techniques used in social sciences is an effort to describe various types of sampling methodologies that are used in researches of social sciences in an easy and understandable way.

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